Chic and Serve: Fashion Icons of the French Open

At the French Open, you can make a fashion statement alongside your favourite tennis player. Iconic players have emerged at this tournament over the years, players who have left an indelible mark both on and off the court with their own styles. The clay courts of Roland Garros get an infusion of flair, elegance, and uniqueness thanks to these fashion superstars. Discover more about the French Open Fashion Icons.

The fascinating world of fashion and finesse at the French Open will be the focus of this piece, as we look back on the players who have left an indelible imprint with their unique looks, groundbreaking fashion choices, and enduring fashion legacies.

René Lacoste: Pioneering Elegance

René Lacoste, the legendary tennis player and inventor of the world-famous Lacoste brand, was well-known not only for his extraordinary abilities on the court but also for his forward-thinking selections in the realm of fashion. Lacoste’s introduction of the now-iconic polo shirt in the 1920s heralded a sea change in the way tennis players dressed. His signature white polo, which was emblazoned with the brand’s now-famous crocodile insignia, quickly became a symbol of understated elegance and enduring fashion. 


Lacoste is regarded as a genuine fashion icon of the French Open due to the fact that his fashion legacy continues to inspire both tennis players and fashion fans even to this day. In addition, the effect of Lacoste was not limited to the time he spent playing the game himself. A great many contemporary players have taken note of his refined sense of style and adapted it into their own approach to playing the game.

Serena Williams: Bold and Empowering Fashion

Serena Williams, one of the most dominant players in the history of tennis, has also made a big impact on the fashion landscape of the French Open. This influence can be seen particularly during the women’s singles competition. Williams is known for wearing ensembles that are both daring and bold, and she continues to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in terms of her fashion choices. Williams utilises fashion as a form of self-expression and a way to empower herself. 


For example, in 2018, she wore a striking black catsuit that was aimed to promote body positivity and highlight the hardships she encountered after childbirth. In 2018, she also wore a regal and strong tutu costume. Her lack of inhibition in the fashion world has ensured that she will always be regarded as a style icon. As a result, she has motivated a new generation of tennis players to embrace their uniqueness and make daring fashion statements.

Björn Borg: Effortless Cool

Bjorn Borg, a Swedish tennis legend, was known for his one-of-a-kind sense of style and his ability to maintain his calm at the French Open. On the clay courts, Borg radiated an image of laid-back elegance with his flowing hair, headband, and clothing made by Fila. He was unbeatable.


His characteristic look eventually became an inseparable component of his on-court presence, which contributed to his growing notoriety as one of the most aesthetically gifted athletes of his period. Fans from all over the world were inspired by Borg’s easy coolness, and his influence on the fashion culture of the French Open will never be forgotten.

Andre Agassi: Bold and Vibrant Fashion Statements

Andre Agassi, a legendary player in the sport of tennis in the United States, brought a vivacious and unorthodox attitude to dress for the French Open. Agassi, who was famous for his long hair, colorful headbands, and flashy clothing, was the first tennis player to question the conventional conventions of appropriate attire for the sport. 

Agassi’s design choices mirrored his defiant spirit and unique personality, from the classic denim shorts he wore in 1990 to the neon-colored shirts and colorful accessories he wore, and everything in between. Because of the audacious fashion statements he wore, he not only attracted a lot of attention but also started a lot of talks throughout the French Open, which made him a true fashion icon. Agassi’s influence was felt far beyond the tennis court, as his unique sense of style encouraged a new generation of tennis players to express their personality through the clothing they wore on the court.

Maria Sharapova: Grace and Glamour on the Clay

Maria Sharapova, a Russian tennis star, is widely regarded as one of the most glamorous players in the history of the French Open. Sharapova has competed in the tournament on multiple occasions. Sharapova, who is renowned for her sophisticated sense of style and great taste, always looked stunning while competing at Roland Garros because to the impeccable dresses she wore.


Sharapova’s costume selections radiated elegance, femininity, and a dash of glitz, from the classic black dress she wore in 2006 to the exquisite lace and pleated designs she wore in subsequent years. She captivated spectators both on and off the court with her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering passion to fashion, which made her a style star at the French Open.

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Wrapping It Up

The French Open is more than just a showcase for the best tennis players in the world; it’s also a fashion exhibition. The likes of René Lacoste, Serena Williams, Björn Borg, Andre Agassi, and Maria Sharapova have left an unmistakable impact on the French Open’s dress scene. Their bold sense of style, innovative attire, and uninhibited expression have left an indelible mark on the tournament and served as an inspiration to players and spectators alike. It is inevitable that as the French Open develops, new fashion stars will emerge, each bringing their own signature blend of elegance and finesse to the clay courts of Roland Garros.

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