Çaykur Rizespor Team Profile: Coach, Key Players, Stadium, More

Çaykur Rizespor is a Turkish football club hailing from the picturesque city of Rize. Established back in 1968, they proudly represent their community in the Süper Lig, which is Turkey’s premier football league. What’s interesting is that Çaykur Rizespor has a unique connection to the Çaykur tea company, as it is owned by them. Their home turf is the Çaykur Didi Stadium, where the passionate fans come together to support their team. 

It’s a club that carries the spirit and pride of its city, making it an integral part of the local culture and tradition. Whether they’re sipping tea or cheering on their team, Rize and Çaykur Rizespor go hand in hand.

Çaykur Rizespor History

Çaykur Rizespor was born on May 19, 1968, through the fusion of two local clubs, Rizespor and Çayspor. They started in the Turkish Regional Amateur League, climbing to the Turkish Third Division in 1970. In 1973, they advanced to the Turkish Second Division and further ascended to the Turkish First Division in 1978. The Süper Lig beckoned in the 1979-80 season, but they faced relegation after just one year. In 1981-82, they returned to the Süper Lig, where they remained for four seasons before dropping again in 1985. 

They bounced back in 1987-88, staying for two seasons before another relegation in 1990. A resurgence in 1992-93 saw them back in the Süper Lig, where they had a three-season run before falling once more in 1996. The 2005-06 season brought another promotion, and since then, this team has stayed in the top tier, achieving their best finish at fourth place in the 2012-13 season.

Çaykur Didi Stadium

Çaykur Rizespor calls the Çaykur Didi Stadium its home ground, which was inaugurated in 2010 and boasts a seating capacity of 15,500 fans. This stadium holds a special place in the hearts of Rizespor supporters, as it pays homage to the club’s rich history. Its name, Çaykur Didi Stadium, is a tribute to Didi, a beloved Brazilian footballer who graced the team with his skills during the 1980s. 

This venue is not just a place for matches, it’s a symbol of the club’s tradition and the enduring passion of its fans. With its modern facilities and a nod to the past, Çaykur Didi Stadium serves as the backdrop for the team’s journey in Turkish football, creating unforgettable moments for both players and supporters alike.

Çaykur Rizespor Coach

İlhan Palut is the current head coach of Çaykur Rizespor, taking the helm in June 2023 following the club’s promotion to the Süper Lig. A former Turkish midfielder, Palut transitioned to coaching in 2012 and has led various Turkish clubs, including Akhisarspor, Göztepe, and Konyaspor. 

Known for his attacking approach and player motivation skills, Palut boasts a successful track record, clinching the Turkish Cup with Konyaspor in 2017 and the Süper Lig title with Akhisarspor in 2018. Among Çaykur Rizespor supporters, Palut is a popular figure, seen as the coach capable of steering the club to success and securing their place in the Süper Lig. His appointment signifies optimism and anticipation for a bright future for Çaykur Rizespor.

Key Players

Çaykur Rizespor boasts some noteworthy players on its roster. One of them is Gökhan Akkan, a Turkish goalkeeper who not only guards the net but also leads the team as its captain. 

In 2022, he made the switch from Beşiktaş to Çaykur Rizespor. Another standout is Altin Zeqiri, and then there’s Adolfo Gaich. These players bring their skills and talents to the pitch, contributing to Çaykur Rizespor’s performance in the league.

Achievements Of Çaykur Rizespor

Çaykur Rizespor has a history of success in Turkish football, with several notable trophies in their cabinet. The club clinched the Turkish Cup in the 2004-05 season, showcasing their prowess in domestic competitions. 

Additionally, their achievements in lower divisions are commendable, having secured the Turkish Second Division title in the 2002-03 and 1993-94 seasons, along with Turkish Third Division victories in 1979-80 and 1972-73. These triumphs reflect the club’s dedication to the sport and its ability to excel in various tiers of Turkish football.

Wrapping It Up

Çaykur Rizespor is a well-known and respected club in Turkish football. They have a talented squad with key players who can make a difference on the field. The team has the potential to compete for various trophies, making them an exciting prospect in the league. Moreover, Çaykur Rizespor enjoys a strong and passionate fan base, and their home games are usually filled with enthusiastic supporters. This level of fan support adds to the club’s unique atmosphere and makes attending their matches a memorable experience.

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