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Benfica, a Lisbon-based pro football team, was founded in 1904. It’s a big deal in Portugal, winning a whopping 85 major trophies. They’ve scored 37 Portuguese League titles, 26 Portuguese Cups, 7 Portuguese League Cups, 7 Portuguese Super Cups, 2 European Cups (which is now called the UEFA Champions League), 2 UEFA Cups Winners’ Cups, and 1 UEFA Cup. 

Basically, they’ve aced it. And they’ve got a fan army of about 14 million folks globally. Their home turf is the Estádio da Luz, a stadium that can host 64,690 excited fans.

History Of Benfica

Benfica, born in 1904 from Lisbon’s Gil Vicente students, started as Sport Lisboa e Benfica, later shortened to just Benfica in 1908. Early on, they found success with Portuguese League wins in 1936, 1937, and 1938.

Yet, the following years were tough until their 1950 league victory. The 1960s marked a turning point, bagging European Cup wins in 1961 and 1962, plus UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup triumphs in 1968 and 1969. This momentum carried into the 1970s and 1980s, with another Cup Winners’ Cup in 1983 and their third European Cup/UEFA Champions League win in 1987.

Estádio da Luz

Benfica’s home turf is the Estádio da Luz, a gleaming symbol of their pride. This epic stadium threw open its doors in 2003, boasting room for a whopping 64,690 fans.

As the biggest coliseum in Portugal, it’s a testament to the country’s football fervor. With its ultra-modern design, the Luz stands tall among the globe’s most advanced arenas. No need for fancy jargon here, this place is a real marvel. The echoes of cheers and goals bounce off its walls, a living tale of the beautiful game’s power. So, if you’re chasing a football experience like no other, this luminous stadium is where the action’s at.

Benfica Coach

Roger Schmidt, the current mastermind behind Benfica’s game, hails from Germany and took the helm in June 2023. This move came after he steered PSV Eindhoven to seize the Eredivisie crown during the 2022-23 season.

Schmidt’s coaching flair is all about attack, attack, attack – a style that sets the crowd on fire. Since landing at Benfica, he’s been like a whirlwind of change, shaking up the playbook and putting his unique stamp on the team’s strategy. The pitch is now alive with his vibrant tactics, and you can practically feel the energy radiating from the stands. The German coach is a breath of fresh air, injecting new life into the club as they strive to conquer new heights under his Spartan guidance.

Key Players

In the 2023-24 season, Benfica is shining with a squad of standout performers. Leading the charge is Darwin Núñez, the Uruguayan dynamo who’s been finding the net 20 times across various competitions, showcasing his speed, fancy footwork, and precision finishing.

Gonçalo Ramos, the versatile Portuguese talent, isn’t far behind, netting 15 goals both as a striker and winger. Moroccan maestro Adel Taarabt is the midfield magician, boasting 7 goals and 10 assists, dazzling with his creative flair. At the back, the reliable Belgian defender Jan Vertonghen has been the linchpin of Benfica’s defense. Safeguarding the goalposts, Greek keeper Odysseas Vlachodimos has been in prime form, tallying an impressive 15 clean sheets out of 30 appearances.

Benfica Achievements

Benfica stands tall as the undeniable powerhouse of Portuguese football. Their trophy-laden cabinet boasts an impressive collection, including a remarkable 37 Portuguese League titles, 26 Portuguese Cups, 7 Portuguese League Cups, and 7 Portuguese Super Cups. Their dominance extends beyond national boundaries, with a formidable presence in European competitions.

The club’s European journey includes clinching the coveted UEFA Champions League title twice, while also triumphing twice in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. The European stage witnessed their prowess as they reached the final of the UEFA Champions League an impressive 7 times, an achievement that speaks volumes of their tenacity. Not without their fair share of battles, they valiantly secured the runner-up spot in the UEFA Cup once. Benfica’s story is etched in the annals of football history, celebrated for their fervent pursuit of victory both within Portugal and on the grand stage of European football.

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