Al Ahly SC Team Profile: Coach, Key Players, Stadium, More

Al Ahly SC, based in Cairo, Egypt, is a football club founded back in 1907. This historic club boasts an impressive collection of 118 trophies, including a remarkable 42 Egyptian Premier League titles, 37 Egyptian Cups, and 10 CAF Champions League titles. It’s not just a powerhouse in Egypt, it’s the kingpin of African football, clinching 25 continental titles. 

Moreover, with such an illustrious history and an unwavering fanbase. Al Ahly SC has firmly established itself as one of the most successful and renowned football clubs globally, carrying the pride of Egypt and Africa on its shoulders.

Al Ahly SC History

Founded in 1907 by Egyptian students studying in England, Al Ahly SC, originally named the “Egyptian National Club,” later became known as Al Ahly SC in 1911. Rapidly rising to prominence, the club clinched their first Egyptian Premier League title in 1912, followed by their initial Egyptian Cup victory in 1924. 

Since then, they’ve amassed an impressive 42 Egyptian Premier League titles and 37 Egyptian Cup titles, setting unmatched records. Their continental journey began in the 1960s, with a historic victory in the CAF Champions League in 1982. Remarkably, they’ve secured a record-breaking 10 CAF Champions League titles, making them the most successful club in the competition’s history. This team’s rich history and triumphs have solidified their status as an Egyptian football powerhouse.

Al Ahly Stadium

Al Ahly SC, the pride of Egyptian football, calls the historic Al Ahly Stadium its home. Situated in the vibrant city of Cairo, this iconic arena can host up to 25,000 passionate fans who come together to support their beloved team. 

Steeped in history, the stadium’s foundations were laid back in 1938, making it one of Egypt’s oldest sporting venues. Over the years, it has witnessed countless memorable moments, and its hallowed turf has felt the footsteps of football legends. Al Ahly fans flock to this stadium not just for the matches but to be part of the rich tapestry of Egyptian football history. It’s more than just a stadium; it’s a symbol of the enduring spirit of the beautiful game in Egypt.

Al Ahly SC Coach

Al Ahly SC’s current coach is Marcel Koller, a Swiss football pro with a wealth of experience. He took the reins in June 2022, bringing his coaching prowess to the Egyptian giants. Koller’s coaching journey includes stints with some notable European teams, including Grasshoppers, FC Basel, and Borussia Mönchengladbach, where he honed his skills and left a mark. Notably, he also steered the Austrian national team. 

With his tactical know-how and the strong football tradition at Al Ahly, fans are eager to see how he guides the team forward. It’s an exciting time for Al Ahly supporters. As they anticipate Koller’s impact and hope for success in both domestic and international competitions under his guidance.

Key Players

Al Ahly SC boasts a talented squad with some standout players. Leading the pack is Mohamed El Shenawy, who not only captains the team but also the Egyptian national squad, earning his stripes as one of Africa’s top goalkeepers. Ali Maaloul, the Tunisian left-back, adds attacking flair to the lineup and is a regular for Tunisia. Yasser Ibrahim, a versatile defender, can hold the fort at center-back or right-back and also represents Egypt on the international stage. 

In the midfield, Amr El Sulya shines with his precise passing and vision, donning Egypt’s colors as well. On the wings, Taher Mohamed’s speed and dribbling skills make him a formidable force, and he, too, represents Egypt nationally. Completing the lineup is Ahmed Abdel Kader, a prolific striker known for his goal-scoring prowess and another regular in Egypt’s national team. Together, these players form a formidable backbone for Al Ahly SC.

Achievements Of Al Ahly SC

Al Ahly SC stands tall as one of the world’s most accomplished football clubs. With an astounding 118 trophies to their name, including a whopping 42 Egyptian Premier League titles, 37 Egyptian Cups, and an impressive 10 CAF Champions League titles, they’ve set records that few can match. Notably, they’re the kings of African football, boasting 25 continental titles in total. 

Also, among their remarkable achievements are 8 CAF Super Cups, 4 African Cup Winners’ Cup titles, and even a victory in the Afro-Asian Club Championship. Moreover, they triumphed in the Arab Club Champions Cup and the Arab Cup Winners’ Cup, securing 2 Arab Super Cups along the way. Furthermore, Al Ahly SC’s global presence shines with 3 FIFA Club World Cup bronze medals. With such a glittering history, Al Ahly SC’s trophy cabinet is a testament to their enduring excellence in the beautiful game.

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Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, Al Ahly SC is a powerhouse in the world of football. With a storied history and a dedicated fan following, they stand tall as one of Africa’s finest. Their trophy cabinet overflows with honors, and they’ve nurtured top-tier talent that’s graced the football world. This club isn’t just a team; it’s a legacy. Al Ahly SC commands respect not only in Africa but on a global stage. Moreover, they embody the spirit of the beautiful game, and their success is a testament to the passion and commitment that runs deep within the club and its supporters.

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