Richest Kentucky Derby Winners and Their Prizes

Each year, tens of thousands of people go to Kentucky to see the Kentucky Derby. Which is widely considered to be the most renowned horse race in the world. The race is particularly well-known for the substantial amount of prize money that it awards. Which makes it an extremely lucrative event for both horse owners and trainers. Discover more about the Kentucky Derby Richest winners,

This article will take a deeper look at the victors of the Kentucky Derby who took home the most money throughout the race’s history. As well as the prizes they won.

Medina Spirit (2021)

The 147th running of the Kentucky Derby was won by Medina Spirit in 2021. Also he was awarded a prize of $1.86 million for his efforts.

This three-year-old horse was ridden by jockey John Velazquez, and it was trained by Bob Baffert. Who holds the record for the most victories in the history of the Kentucky Derby with seven.

Authentic (2020)

In the year 2020, Authentic was declared the victor of the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby and was awarded a prize pool of $1.86 million.

This victory at the Kentucky Derby was Bob Baffert’s sixth overall. Also it was earned by the three-year-old colt ridden by jockey John Velazquez and trained by Bob Baffert.

Country House (2019)

Many people were taken aback when Country House won the 145th Kentucky Derby. As he had been predicted to finish second to Maximum Security. After a thorough assessment, however, Country House was proclaimed the winner after Maximum Security was disqualified for interfering with the other horses. 

This was the first Kentucky Derby victory for both jockey Flavien Prat and trainer Bill Mott, making the triumph all the more meaningful. The three-year-old colt ran with remarkable strength and speed throughout the race, passing several rivals in the late stages to claim victory. The record-breaking payout of $1.86 million to the winning horse, Country House, was a fitting tribute to the horse’s spectacular performance in the Kentucky Derby.

Justify (2018) 

The 144th Kentucky Derby was won by Justify. Who led from the start to the finish and won by 2 1/2 lengths. This three-year-old colt wowed the crowd with his incredible power and speed in the Kentucky Derby. Furthermore, Solidifying his legacy as one of the sport’s greatest champions.

The $1.24 million purse was a reward for Justify outstanding performance. Also it marked a major achievement for jockey Mike Smith and trainer Bob Baffert. Who have worked well together in the past.

Always Dreaming (2017)

The 143rd Kentucky Derby was won by Always Dreaming, who was in complete control the entire way and ended up winning by a comfortable margin of 2 3/4 lengths. This three-year-old colt wowed the fans at Churchill Downs with his lightning-fast pace and tenacious endurance.

Always Dreaming earned a $1.24 million payday for his remarkable performance. Also winning the Kentucky Derby for a second time was a major accomplishment for jockey John Velazquez and trainer Todd Pletcher. With this triumph, Always Dreaming joined the ranks of the most prosperous and illustrious Kentucky Derby victors in history.

Nyquist (2016)

With a spectacular show of speed and strength, Nyquist won the 142nd Kentucky Derby to keep his perfect record intact. Three-year-old colt ridden by jockey Mario Gutierrez to victory in the Kentucky Derby.

Moreover, The horse was named after NHL star Gustav Nyquist. Doug O’Neill, who trained Nyquist, won the Kentucky Derby for the second time with this horse. Nyquist’s $1.24 million victory award was well deserved. Furthermore, also it solidified his place as one of the Kentucky Derby’s most prosperous and illustrious victors in history. Everyone involved will remember that victory for a very long time.

American Pharoah (2015)

American Pharoah won the 2015 Kentucky Derby with a dominating performance, earning himself $1.24 million. Jockey Victor Espinoza rode this three-year-old colt to victory, giving him a hat trick of victories at the Kentucky Derby.

In addition, Trainer Bob Baffert is among the most successful in Derby history, and he was responsible for American Pharoah’s victory. Baffert’s legacy as one of the best trainers in history was furthered with this triumph, his fourth in the Kentucky Derby. Moreover, it was a convincing victory for American Pharoah, who led the whole race and never appeared to be in any danger of losing. This triumph will be remembered as one of the greatest in the storied annals of the Kentucky Derby.

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Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, it’s no secret that the Kentucky Derby is a race that millions of people all over the world look forward to every year. Historically, the winning horse and its owners have taken home millions of dollars in prize money from this race. Moreover, all of the most prosperous Kentucky Derby winners have left indelible marks on the annals of horse racing history in addition to their bank accounts. One of the most coveted titles in equine racing is a win in the Kentucky Derby. Also not only for the monetary award.

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