WWE Reportedly in Talks to Bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is reportedly in talks to bring football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to the WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. The news comes from WWE’s recent merger with the UFC, creating a “$21 billion+ live sports and entertainment powerhouse.”

Over the years, WWE has had a history of inviting athletes from various sports disciplines to participate in their events. Notable names include former Norwich striker Grant Holt, German goalkeeper Tim Wiese, and ex-Wycombe Wanderers forward Adebayo Akinfenwa. Even football legend Wayne Rooney made a splash in the wrestling world when he slapped WWE superstar Wade Barrett during a 2015 WWE Raw event in Manchester.

While the prospects of Ronaldo wrestling are unlikely, WWE is interested in having the 38-year-old Al Nassr forward make a cameo appearance at the Crown Jewel show.

A Potential Milestone in Sports Entertainment

According to the Spanish magazine AS, WWE is willing to pay a ‘substantial appearance fee’ to increase the reputation of their event by incorporating Portugal’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Last year, NXT star Apollo Crews suggested that Ronaldo could potentially have a successful wrestling career after his days on the football field are over. Discover WWE Reportedly in Talks to Bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia

Crews told Metro in an interview.

“Honestly, with that mentality to be a top athlete in the world on that level, I think just on the mentality alone he would’ve done okay.”

The decision to invite Ronaldo is consistent with WWE’s overall aim of attracting big stars to their events, particularly in light of their merger with the UFC. The UFC is well-known for attracting high-profile celebrities and sportsmen to their Pay-Per-View events, and it appears that WWE is attempting to replicate that degree of star power.

Wrestling reporter Sean Ross Sapp contacted WWE for comment on the Ronaldo rumors but has yet to hear back. As of today, the agreement is still being negotiated, and nothing has been officially confirmed.

If the acquisition is completed, it will be a massive milestone in crossing sports and entertainment, further cementing WWE’s status as a worldwide powerhouse in live sports.

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