Work on Brad Pitt’s F1 movie continues at Hungarian GP despite strike

Due to the American labour strike, filming for Apple’s Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt F1 movie is still taking place during the Hungarian Grand Prix, albeit in a modified fashion.
For the second consecutive race, Brad Pitt F1 movie made-up 11th team is represented in the F1 paddock.
In the British GP, the APXGP team and its vehicle had their “public” debut. Their paddock setup is back in action in Hungary. Pitt will play an older F1 driver in the movie who comes out of retirement to face a rookie.

The Hungaroring boasts a fully functional pitwall and garage structure in addition to a hospitality area and a filming station.

It was always intended for this race to be the second to make use of the realistic, fully functional props while being filmed in a real paddock.

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Contrary to unfounded claims, US strike action has not hindered filming for the production.

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), a labour organization with around 160,000 members, represents Hollywood movie actors and other media professionals.

Similar to the Writers Guild of America, they are striking for base compensation for residuals (such as reruns, syndication, or streaming), as well as concerns about being replaced or undercut by digital recreations of themselves that are driven by artificial intelligence.

More on-track filming will likely occur in Hungary, although stand-ins will manage this.

While filming took place during the British GP, the vehicles were largely driven by professionals. Pitt did, however, take the wheel for one of the sessions.

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