Verstappen wins record-breaking 10th Grand Prix in a row by taking Monza

Red Bull and Max Verstappen had a triumphant Sunday as Verstappen secured his 10th consecutive victory at the Italian Grand Prix, breaking the Formula 1 record for consecutive wins previously held by Sebastian Vettel. Discover Verstappen wins record-breaking 10th Grand Prix in a row by taking Monza.

Starting from the second position on the grid, the current world championship leader faced an initial delay due to Yuki Tsunoda’s engine failure during the formation lap. Verstappen made a bold attempt to pass the pole-sitter, Carlos Sainz, at the first corner. However, the Ferrari driver managed to maintain his lead, much to the joy of the Monza crowd.

Carlos Sainz successfully held off Verstappen’s challenge for 14 laps, but eventually, the Dutchman made a decisive move and surged ahead, never looking back.

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Adding to Red Bull’s celebration was a 1-2 finish, with Checo Perez securing the second position. This solidified Red Bull’s dominance this season, as they have won every race so far. Meanwhile, the two Ferrari drivers, Sainz and Charles Leclerc, battled for a spot on the Monza podium, with Sainz ultimately claiming third place.

In the drivers’ championship standings, Max Verstappen now holds a commanding lead of 145 points over Perez. This remarkable 10th consecutive win brings him closer to securing a third consecutive championship title.

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