Vasseur: Ferrari “made too many mistakes” in F1 Hungarian GP

Ferrari’s team principal, Fred Vasseur, has acknowledged that the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend was challenging, with the team making several mistakes. Charles Leclerc finished in seventh place due to a pitstop wheel gun issue and a five-second penalty for pitlane speeding. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz had a disappointing qualifying session, starting 11th and finishing in eighth position. Discover Vasseur: Ferrari “made too many mistakes” in F1 Hungarian GP.

Vasseur admitted that the team’s weekend wasn’t optimized around the alternative tyre allocation, which presented a new challenge for all teams. Analyzing their performance, Vasseur pointed out that Ferrari made too many errors throughout the Hungarian GP, affecting their potential results. He emphasized that understanding and learning from these mistakes is essential to improve in the future.

Looking back on his first half-season in charge of Ferrari, Vasseur highlighted the need to address their qualifying performance. While the race pace is relatively close to Red Bull at times, the team recognizes the importance of qualifying well to secure cleaner air, as the turbulent airflow behind other cars significantly affects performance.

Vasseur acknowledged that mistakes are part of the sport, and the team’s priority is to learn from them and work on improving their performance going forward. Despite the challenges, he remains determined to help Ferrari reach its full potential on the track.

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