UFC 285: Jon Jones wins heavyweight title by first-round submission over Ciryl Gane.

UFC 285, The time it took Jon Jones to enter the Octagon on Saturday for his fight against Ciryl Gane for the vacant heavyweight title at the main event of UFC 285 was longer than the time it took him to strangle Gane out and win the fight.

Before Jones entered the cage, the tape that had been covering his feet was removed. When he was in it, he didn’t waste any time and got right down to business.

He dispatched Gane in a hurry and was on his feet again in a matter of seconds. A guillotine was set up for Gane along the fence in Gane’s corner. The first time, Gane was able to pull out of the hold. However, Jones immediately seized it again and made him tap.

UFC 285

Jones won the championship for the second weight class after the fight stopped at 2 minutes and 4 seconds into the first round.

Jones exclaimed, “I am so excited.” “This is something that I’ve been working towards for a very long time. Several folks were under the impression that I would not return. That was something that I was always reading. But I never lost sight of the target, and I never wavered in my commitment to the objective.

After his victory over Dominick Reyes in February of 2020. He announced his retirement from mixed martial arts competition, at which point he was widely regarded as the best fighter in the history of the sport.

He claimed that none of the competitors he would face were able to pique his interest. So he was seeking something else that could get him pumped up.

UFC 285

He went from 204 to 248 pounds and suddenly seemed to fit in well at his new school thanks to his impressive physique.

The contributions made by Gane were negligible. As soon as they started fighting, Jones charged straight at him and was up in his face almost immediately. Gane was moving around but was unable to get a shot off at any point.

The victory not only confers on Jones the title of heavyweight champion. However, it should also vault him back to the top spot in the pound-for-pound rankings and give him acclaim as the best fighter to ever compete in the sport.

In the face of the kind of opposition that Jones endured. No one has ever maintained their lead for as long as Jones has.

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