UFC Fighter Conor McGregor is ready to move on from ‘boring’ MMA

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor and a renowned MMA fighter and one of the biggest stars, is considering leaving the world of Mixed Martial Arts due to his dissatisfaction with its current state. McGregor recently described MMA as “boring” and is now exploring alternative options. The Sun reports that he finds the idea of pursuing bare-knuckle boxing intriguing. Discover UFC Fighter Conor McGregor is ready to move on from ‘boring’ MMA.

In 2023, bare-knuckle boxing has gained significant popularity in the entertainment industry, moving beyond its niche status. Its raw and brutal nature has attracted attention, even from notable figures like McGregor, who are now considering entering the sport.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani and Matchroom Boxing, McGregor expressed his willingness to participate in bare-knuckle boxing. He believes that both boxing and MMA can often become dull and lack excitement. In contrast, bare-knuckle boxing, with its potential for cuts and bloodshed even from a single punch, guarantees a thrilling spectacle. McGregor emphasized that these fights are never boring, as even a simple exchange of punches can create urgency and captivate the audience.

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UFC Fighter Conor McGregor

McGregor’s Uncertain Future and Exploration of Opportunities Outside UFC

While McGregor hasn’t competed in the UFC since his defeat to Dustin Poirier in 2021, he has been busy with various professional commitments. Currently, he is serving as a coach on the 31st season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ However, it has been nearly two years since his last MMA fight, making it the second-longest period of inactivity in his career. Despite this, McGregor is expected to make his return in December, facing Michael Chandler in a welterweight bout.

McGregor’s future is uncertain as he explores opportunities outside the UFC. His interest in bare-knuckle boxing reflects his desire for a fresh challenge and the chance to engage in a more thrilling and unpredictable combat sport.

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