UFC 287 Pereira vs Adesanya: Alex Pereira Reacts to Adesanya’s Controversial Celebration

During UFC 287 Pereira vs Adesanya middleweight title rematch, Brazilian fighter Alex Pereira responded to Israel Adesanya’s questionable celebration. Adesanya brutally defeated Pereira in the second round of their recent battle. Adesanya’s post-fight interview was lauded. Although he was criticized for impersonating one of Pereira’s sons in the ring following his 2017 loss. Adesanya’s actions don’t bother Pereira, despite the criticism.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Pereira expressed his thoughts on the incident, saying, “I can play with him. I’ve always played with him. It was something that happened, but he — I don’t know… I don’t know what his feeling was.” Pereira also revealed that his son had planned to recreate the KO mimic after his fifth-round stoppage win over Adesanya in November 2022 but he prevented him from doing so.

Despite the loss, Pereira remains motivated to regain the middleweight title in the future. In the same video, he vowed to “never quit” and promised to return “stronger than ever”. Although Dana White and Adesanya have predicted a light heavyweight move for Pereira, his reaction video seemingly indicated that he’s not ruling out a third fight with Adesanya.

Alex Pereira has a decorated kickboxing career and has now entered the UFC. He was the middleweight champion of the world before losing his title to Adesanya. His previous fights with Adesanya were in the kickboxing ring, where Pereira won both matches. In MMA, the two fighters have faced each other once before, with Pereira emerging victorious. UFC 287 Pereira vs Adesanya was an extremely thrilling fight.

UFC 287 Pereira vs Adesanya

Pereira’s reaction to Adesanya’s controversial post-fight celebration shows his maturity and sportsmanship. He doesn’t seem to have taken the incident personally and instead looks at it as an opportunity to “play” with his opponent. Despite the setback of losing his middleweight title, he remains determined to regain it and prove his worth as a fighter. His promise to return stronger than ever shows his resilience and dedication to his craft. Fans of Pereira can look forward to seeing more of his fights in the future.

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