Toto Wolff warns F1 rivals Red Bull over ‘ENCOURAGING’ Mercedes signs

Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes. He remains confident that his team can surpass Red Bull in terms of pure speed in the 2023 Formula 1 season. Despite the significant gap between the two teams evident in the races held in Austria. Toto Wolff warns F1 rivals Red Bull as Mercedes show good signs. Earlier this year, Mercedes introduced a major upgrade package for their W14 car in Monaco. Aiming to narrow the performance difference and address critical issues. Discover Toto Wolff warns F1 rivals Red Bull over ‘ENCOURAGING’ Mercedes signs.

The team’s performance in the subsequent four races has been a mixed bag. They struggled in Monaco and Austria but showed impressive form in Spain and Canada. In contrast, Red Bull has maintained their dominant position at the front of the grid, winning all races so far in the 2023 season.

Despite the current gap, Toto Wolff emphasized that Mercedes has not given up hope in their pursuit to catch up to Red Bull. When asked if Mercedes can match Red Bull’s pace this season. Wolff expressed unwavering belief in their ability to do so.

“I still maintain the belief,” Wolff stated in response to Autosport’s inquiry. “If I were to say that I don’t believe it anymore, then we might as well stop now and solely focus on next year’s car, settling for top 10 finishes.”

However, Wolff acknowledged the need for continuous effort and improvement, considering the challenging days they have experienced. He encouraged his team to learn from these setbacks, bounce back, and gradually close the performance gap.

Wolff drew attention to races where Mercedes performed decently, such as Montreal. Where the gap to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was only 10 seconds. He found this result more encouraging than the larger deficit witnessed in Austria.

Toto Wolff remains hopeful that Mercedes can eventually surpass Red Bull in terms of pace during the ongoing 2023 Formula 1 season. Despite recent challenges, he emphasized the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and their determination to bridge the performance gap.

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