Tommy Fury Warns KSI, Says “I doubt KSI would fight me”

Tommy Fury warns KSI. He says that the YouTuber will be too terrified to fight him. After seeing what he does to Jake Paul on Sunday. The battle between the two is scheduled to take place on Sunday.

Tommy Fury has chosen to send a warning to the most popular user on YouTube, KSI, in advance of the highly anticipated fight that will take place between him and Jake Paul in just a few days.

According to the information that we have presented. KSI had previously issued a fight challenge to Fury, but there was one requirement. In the event that Tommy Fury is victorious over Jake Paul in their upcoming matchup.

Tommy Fury

Furthermore, Tommy Fury responded to a question regarding KSI’s conditional challenge by saying, “I doubt very much KSI would fight me after he sees what I do to Jake Paul. I’ll put it that way.”

With KSI contemplating a final fight against Jake Paul before retiring from boxing. It appears the match between Fury and KSI will never take place. He has shown an interest in devoting more time to his music and to developing his Prime energy drink business.

He was also questioned on his secret to maintaining emotional stability in the face of Jake Paul’s barrage of verbal abuse. Take Paul’s new video where he threatens to “decapitate” Fury.

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury replied, “there is no case to stay mentally strong, my mind’s bulletproof.” Fury continues, “if I was going into a real title fight for all the marbles I’d say yeah fair enough it’s a 50/50 fight, but I’m fighting Jake Paul in a fight I should absolutely dominate. And I will dominate.”

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