Tim Tszyu and his ‘absolutely crazy’ gamble in fight vs Carlos Ocampo

This weekend, Tim Tszyu finds himself entering the boxing ring for a highly perilous fight vs Carlos Ocampo, despite his own team branding him as “absolutely crazy” for accepting such a challenge. Tszyu’s primary objective is to eventually face Jermell Charlo, the undisputed super welterweight champion. In the meantime, he has chosen to remain active by taking on Carlos Ocampo while Charlo recovers from a hand injury. On Sunday, Tszyu (22-0, 16 KOs) will defend his interim WBO super welterweight title against Ocampo (35-2, 23 KOs) at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Discover Tim Tszyu and his ‘absolutely crazy’ gamble in fight vs Carlos Ocampo.

Tszyu, determined to follow in the footsteps of his father Kostya, brings a wealth of experience to the table and aims to emerge victorious against the Mexican boxer Ocampo. Ocampo, however, exudes confidence and claims he will showcase the disparity between himself and Tszyu’s father by securing a knockout victory. George Rose, Tszyu’s promoter, recognizes the tremendous risk Tszyu is undertaking by facing Ocampo, emphasizing that no other boxer in the world is currently making such audacious choices. Despite the inherent risks, Rose remains steadfast in his belief in Tszyu’s abilities, applauding his work ethic and expressing unwavering confidence in Tszyu’s potential for triumph.

Tim Tszyu vs Carlos Ocampo

Tim Tszyu vs Carlos Ocampo: Tszyu’s Composed Demeanor Amidst Pressure

Amidst the pressure to secure victory and stay on course for the highly anticipated world title bout against Charlo, Tszyu maintains a composed demeanour. He asserts that he is accustomed to dealing with pressure throughout his life and views the forthcoming fight as just another challenge to conquer. Tszyu’s love for the sport of boxing drives him, and he considers himself blessed to have the opportunity to compete repeatedly. Unfazed by external expectations, Tszyu remains resolute in his readiness to face any opponent, ranging from Charlo to the likes of King Kong, a shark, or a pit bull.

Additionally, on the same card, Australian boxer Sam Goodman (14-0, 7 KOs) encounters his most formidable test to date in a super-bantamweight world title eliminator against Ra’eese Aleem (20-0, 12 KOs). This matchup adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the event, as Goodman strives to solidify his position as a top contender in his weight class. With Tszyu’s risky endeavour and Goodman’s challenging bout, the overall event promises to be an enthralling spectacle for boxing enthusiasts, brimming with determination and the quest for victory.

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