The Potential Earnings of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury’s Winner-Takes-All Fight

The long-awaited fight Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury will be a “winner takes all” competition. Both fighters have agreed to do. The question is, how much money will be on the line? This is what we currently know.

Due to the fact that Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have engaged in online verbal sparring for several years. A fight between the two has been speculated to take place for some time now.

On February 26, they will finally face each other in a fight. Two earlier attempts to do so failed owing to complications on Tommy’s side. The contest will take place in Saudi Arabia. In addition to the bragging rights that are at stake. There is also a significant amount of money that is up for grabs.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

As is Jake’s custom before fights, he wanted to make a wager with Tommy. Rather than having Fury get a tattoo or change his name, he suggested a “winner take all” battle to the Fury camp on February 23.

Fans are now wondering how much money the fighters will make (or were expected to make). While many sponsors and the Saudi fight commission don’t publicly disclose purses, getting accurate numbers is tough. 

Before factoring in his reported share of the pay-per-view money, Jake was expected to make $3.2 million for the fight.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

With a 35% PPV share, Tommy was projected to make $2 million for the fight. This means that even without considering the box office results, the winner of a winner-take-all battle would collect at least $5.2 million.

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