Spanish FA president Rubiales surprises all by refusing to resign

Defying expectations, Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football federation, has made a surprising decision not to step down amidst the scandal stemming from his post-match kiss with Jenni Hermoso after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup final. Discover Spanish FA president Rubiales surprises all by refusing to resign.

Rubiales, who faced calls for his resignation, has instead chosen to stand his ground and continue in his role, catching many off guard with his resolute stance.

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Addressing the incident involving the kiss with Jenni Hermoso, Rubiales expressed remorse for his behavior during the Women’s World Cup final. He openly acknowledged his actions, stating, “I want to offer a sincere apology for a moment that occurred in the presidential box, where I acted impulsively and touched a part of my body.” He further admitted his mistake, particularly in relation to the royal family, deeming it an inappropriate gesture.

Regarding the kiss itself, he emphasized that it was more of a friendly peck than a romantic gesture. Rubiales contended that any suggestion of desire or dominance was inaccurate, refuting claims made in the media. He detailed the context of the interaction, explaining that it was a spontaneous and mutual exchange prompted by a positive remark from the player after missing a penalty.

Rubiales vehemently declared his intention not to resign, a statement he reiterated multiple times to an applauding audience at the Spanish FA’s headquarters. He posed a question to those present: whether the situation warranted his departure despite his belief that his tenure has seen exceptional management of Spanish football. His resounding response emphasized his unwavering decision not to step down.

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