Sacchi Reveals Where AC Milan and Pulisic Must Improve

AC Milan’s recent 2-0 triumph over Bologna in the Serie A opener has drawn praise from former coach Arrigo Sacchi, though he suggests room for improvements, particularly in the defensive aspect and the performance of Christian Pulisic. Discover Sacchi Reveals Where AC Milan and Pulisic Must Improve.

The victory marked a positive start for AC Milan in the new Serie A campaign. Pulisic, making his Serie A debut, stood out with a noteworthy goal and his movement on the wing caught Sacchi’s eye. Despite his commendable attacking contribution, Sacchi highlights Pulisic’s need to enhance his defensive involvement.

Tijjani Reijnders was another player Sacchi lauded for his well-timed runs and tactical understanding during the match. Pulisic also showcased his accuracy, completing all 27 passes and providing the assist for Olivier Giroud’s opening goal.

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While Sacchi sees Pulisic as an intriguing player with advanced anticipation skills, he believes AC Milan can further refine their approach. He emphasizes a need for increased aggression and more effective pressing, particularly from the wingers. Sacchi points out that this pressing responsibility was at times unfulfilled on the left side, where Rafael Leao plays, urging Leao to contribute both defensively and in exploiting open spaces.

Despite the positive assessment from Sacchi, current coach Pioli’s views on Leao’s defensive commitment differ. AC Milan’s upcoming match against Torino this Saturday will present another opportunity to observe their progress in action.

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