Real Madrid to make offer for Mbappe at transfer window end

The buzz around Kylian Mbappe’s future is buzzing again, as news has it that Real Madrid is getting ready to make one last shot at getting him on their team. As the transfer window is coming to a close, around August 29 to September 1, Real Madrid is cooking up a plan to offer about 120 million euros (that’s roughly 130 million dollars) to PSG. Discover Real Madrid to make offer for Mbappe at transfer window end.

Insiders say that Real Madrid’s higher-ups have given the thumbs up to this plan. Even though this amount they’re talking about is less than what PSG first asked for, around 150 million euros (or about 163 million dollars), it’s putting PSG in a tight spot. They’ve got to decide whether to go with Real Madrid’s deal or stick with Mbappe for one more year and risk him leaving for free in 2024.

Mbappe’s situation at PSG has been a bit of a mess, thanks to some disagreements over training. He eventually got back to training and even played in a recent match, but there’s been tension with fans and the club’s big shots. At first, there were talks about benching him for his whole contract, but that’s not on the table anymore. Still, things aren’t great in the locker room.

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Real Madrid’s Search For a Striker Intensifies

Over at Real Madrid, they’re seriously on the hunt for a top-notch scorer to give them a leg up in European contests. Even though they got Joselu, they’re after someone even better to team up with offensive stars like Jude Bellingham, Vinicius, and Rodrygo. Getting Mbappe on board is like their golden ticket to being more competitive in Europe.

Interestingly, waiting until the very end of the transfer window is their way of avoiding those long back-and-forth talks between two clubs that aren’t exactly on the best terms. So far, the Real Madrid and PSG sides haven’t even had a chat about the possibility of Mbappe to transfer teams.

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