PSG goalkeeper Sergio Rico hospitalized after being hit by loose horse

On Sunday, PSG goalkeeper Sergio Rico was involved in an unfortunate incident in Spain that led to a head injury requiring hospitalization. The incident occurred near Seville, the city where Rico had previously played for Sevilla, as confirmed by his representatives. In a statement, they reassured everyone that Sergio is under proper medical care and is currently fighting to recover from the injury. The next 48 hours will be crucial in determining the progress of his recovery.

According to the statement, PSG goalkeeper Sergio Rico had just arrived from France and was on his way to attend a mass with his relatives when the accident took place. Earlier reports from the media suggested that the incident happened while Rico was horse riding. We are still waiting for further information as the details surrounding the incident continue to emerge.

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Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain, the French champions, expressed their unwavering support for Sergio Rico, stating that they are in constant contact with his loved ones during this difficult time. The club stands by him and wishes him a swift and full recovery. The news of Rico’s injury comes just a day after PSG secured the French league title, adding an extra layer of concern for the goalkeeper and the team.

PSG goalkeeper Sergio Rico

Focusing on Sergio Rico’s Health and Well-being

In response to the news, several clubs and players from around the football community have sent messages of support and well wishes to the 29-year-old Spanish keeper. The football fraternity has come together to show solidarity and encouragement during this challenging period.

As Sergio Rico continues his recovery journey, the football world will anxiously await updates on his condition. The focus now shifts to his health and well-being, with hopes for a positive outcome and a speedy return to the sport he loves.

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