PSG Fans Chanting for Neymar to “Get Lost” Outside His Home

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fans are unhappy with the recent off-pitch drama surrounding Lionel Messi’s suspension. The footballer received a two-week ban after making an unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia. The Collectif Ultras Paris. An ultra group of PSG supporters, held a protest in front of The Factory, PSG’s Parisian headquarters, to express their anger towards Messi, the board, and Neymar. The turnout was impressive, and PSG fans chanted derogative slogans.

However, the protest escalated. A video surfaced on social media of a group of PSG fans outside Neymar’s two-storey home in Bougival, a posh suburb of Paris. The group was chanting for Neymar to “get lost.” The Brazilian footballer posted a message on Instagram. Said that the fans had just left his doorstep, along with a sobbing emoji. Neymar, who is currently recovering from ankle ligament surgery, was not present at his home during the incident.

Furthermore, PSG’s recent off-pitch drama has caused concern among the team’s supporters. They fear that it could affect the club’s performance on the field.

Additionally, the incident involving PSG fans outside Neymar’s home is the latest in a series of controversies surrounding the club with Lionel Messi’s relationship slowly deteriorating with PSG. The situation remains fluid, and it is unclear how the club will address the situation going forward.

Despite the chaos, PSG has yet to release a statement regarding the protests or the actions of their fans. However, it is unlikely that the club will take any disciplinary action against the supporters involved, as they have a history of tolerating the behaviour of their ultra groups.

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