Paul vs Diaz: Jake Paul trains with a cigarette and confesses: “Getting my lungs ready for 10 rounds”

Jake Paul is taking his upcoming boxing match against Nate Diaz seriously, although he seems confident in his victory. In a recent social media post, Jake Paul trains in a gym, hitting the pear while smoking a cigarette. His caption read, “Getting my lungs ready for 10 rounds. August 5th. #PaulDiaz.” Paul vs Diaz will be scheduled for 10 rounds.

The much-anticipated 10-round boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is scheduled to take place on August 5 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has confirmed the approval of the bout for 10 rounds. Following an initial announcement by Paul on Twitter.

Initially, there were discussions regarding the number of rounds, as the fight was originally set for 8 rounds at 185 pounds. Paul later revealed that Diaz and his team requested the fight be extended to 10 rounds, a change that Paul agreed to. Diaz subsequently expressed his acceptance of 8 rounds on Twitter.

The commission overseeing the fight ultimately accepted the request, resulting in Paul vs. Diaz being scheduled for 10 rounds. Paul acknowledged the advantage this may give Diaz in later rounds but stated that he is unfazed by it. Expressing his willingness to bet everything on the match. Paul vs Diaz is sure to be a fight worth watching.

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