Neymar asks to leave PSG for Barcelona transfer

Paris Saint-Germain is currently facing a series of challenges, including the Kylian Mbappe situation and difficulties in finalizing the Ousmane Dembele signing. Adding to the turmoil, another star player, Neymar, has reportedly expressed his desire to depart from the Parc des Princes this summer. Discover Neymar asks to leave PSG for Barcelona transfer.

According to reports from L’Equipe, the Brazilian, formerly associated with Barcelona, communicated his intention to leave the club’s board of directors on Sunday. “Neymar is resolute about returning to Barcelona, six years after his departure,” as stated by ‘L’Equipe. The situation presents an ironic twist – a year ago, PSG was keen on letting him go, while Neymar chose to stay. Now, with Al-Khelaïfi eager for him to remain, Neymar has decided to depart.

Xavi, the current Barcelona coach, has reservations about integrating Neymar into the squad. As reported by MARCA, Xavi does not view Neymar as a suitable fit and would prefer the addition of Bernardo Silva to bolster the team’s attack. Having played alongside Neymar during his own career, Xavi believes that Neymar’s arrival might disrupt the harmonious atmosphere within the Barcelona dressing room. The financial aspect also poses challenges, as balancing the salary structure could prove difficult.


Neymar remains steadfast in his decision to leave for Barcelona transfer. Following an incident in early May where PSG ultras surrounded his residence, demanding his departure, Neymar is reported to be deeply affected. He has shared with those closest to him that he believes the club does not provide adequate protection for its players.

It’s worth noting that Neymar is under contract with PSG for another four years, with an annual salary of 30 million euros before taxes.

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