New La Liga logo leaked for the 2023/24 season

The popular football news website Footy Headlines has recently unveiled the New La Liga logo in the upcoming season. With just over a month remaining in the current LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank seasons, details about the 2023/24 season are starting to emerge, revealing significant changes in the league’s image.

For the next campaign, the American company EA Games will replace the long-standing naming rights holder, Santander Bank. As a result, the league championship will bear the name LaLiga EA Sports FC, paying homage to EA Sports FC, the rebranded version of the renowned ‘FIFA’ video game series.

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Not only will the name change, but the league’s logo will undergo a significant transformation as well. Furthermore, they will replace the familiar logo featuring a ball surrounded by seven multicoloured bars. According to Footy Headlines, a trusted source for football-related leaks and information, the new logo will adopt a simplified design. It will feature a monochrome look with a pale red colour as the primary hue, incorporating a double ‘L’ design representing LaLiga.

In summary, LaLiga’s next season will introduce a new corporate image, including a name change to La Liga EA Sports FC and a revamped logo that embraces a simpler and monochromatic design with a predominant pale red colour and the incorporation of a double ‘L’ representing LaLiga.

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