NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says basketball will take ‘back seat’ for Ja Morant

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and presented a fresh perspective on how to handle Ja Morant’s latest incident. Rather than focusing solely on the length of Morant’s suspension, Silver believes in addressing the underlying issues through a program aimed at helping Morant. Discover Toy gun or not, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says basketball will take ‘back seat’ for Ja Morant.

Previously, the league suspended Morant for eight games due to his conduct detrimental to the league after he brandished a gun in a Denver nightclub on March 4. At the time, Silver felt that an eight-game suspension was overly severe.

Silver stated, “It’s important to recognize that this isn’t just about punishing him and hoping it won’t happen again. I acknowledge that he needs assistance from the league office, his union, and his team. My hope is that regardless of the disciplinary action, we can all agree on the importance of engaging with him moving forward, so he can change the negative trajectory he’s currently on.”

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Silver further added, “I want to find a way where he isn’t simply being cast aside, but rather basketball takes a back seat, and our primary focus is on helping him grow as a person, become more responsible.”

Recent rumours and reports indicate that Morant’s actions of brandishing a toy gun in an Instagram Live video have prompted the league to initiate ongoing investigations. Silver addressed this issue, emphasizing that treating a gun as a toy is a significant concern, regardless of whether it’s real or not.

Decision on Morant’s Situation Post-NBA Finals

Regarding Morant’s potential punishment, Silver clarified that his role is to evaluate the player’s conduct in the given situation. He expressed concerns about the notion of “sending a message” as it could imply unfair treatment toward the individual player. Silver emphasized the NBA’s goal of portraying a positive image of its players and the league as a whole. Silver initially commented on Morant’s incident prior to the NBA Draft Lottery, indicating that the NBA was reviewing the matter. He later announced that the league would make a decision on Morant’s situation after the NBA Finals, considering it fair to both the players in the Finals and Morant himself.

It’s important to note that Silver made it clear that the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) will not have direct involvement in the decision-making process regarding Morant’s punishment.

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