Messi could be hinting at 2026 FIFA World Cup participation

Lionel Messi, the Inter Miami forward, recently shared a photo on Instagram wearing the iconic Argentina jersey that Diego Maradona wore during the 1994 FIFA World Cup, which turned out to be Maradona’s final appearance in the prestigious tournament. Despite Messi stating earlier that he had no plans to participate in any future World Cup editions after winning the trophy in Qatar 2022, he did leave a window of opportunity open. Discover Messi could be hinting at 2026 FIFA World Cup participation.

In an interview with Titan Sports before Argentina’s friendly against Australia in Beijing, Messi stated that he was inclined not to participate in the next FIFA World Cup 2026, saying, “I think not.” This was my last World Cup. I’ll see how things go, but in principle, I won’t go to the next World Cup.”

Now playing in the MLS and maintaining his exceptional performance, it would be a poetic moment if Messi were to join the Argentine team for a final appearance, often referred to as the “last dance.”

Messi’s Potential Participation in 2026 FIFA World Cup

In the summer of 2026, Messi, who will be 39 years old, will have the chance to participate in another World Cup, as they will hold it across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It would mark his second World Cup appearance on the American continent and his sixth overall in the tournament.

Wearing the complete 1994 Argentina kit with the number 10 on his back in his Instagram Stories seems like a hint that he may consider ending his international career on American soil, similar to how Maradona did. Considering Messi’s history, where he even came out of international retirement in 2016 to eventually lead Argentina to win the coveted trophy a few years later, it is not entirely unthinkable for him to pass up the opportunity to potentially win a second World Cup, especially when he is currently excelling in the MLS.

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