Mercedes W14 upgrade: Mercedes chief makes SHOCKING W14 upgrade admission

Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes’ head of trackside engineering, has acknowledged that the team’s recent upgrade package may not be sufficient to regain their winning form in Formula 1 races. The team introduced the upgrades during the Monaco Grand Prix, but they have yet to fully realize the actual impact on performance. Discover Mercedes W14 upgrade: Mercedes chief makes SHOCKING W14 upgrade admission.

The team expects the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix to provide a clearer indication of their progress, as all the teams have access to extensive track data from years of pre-season testing at the circuit.

In Monaco, Mercedes secured fourth and fifth-place finishes, narrowing the gap to Aston Martin to just one point as they strive to claim second place in the constructor standings.

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Mercedes W14 upgrade

Shovlin discussed Lewis Hamilton’s feedback on the car and the upgrades during an episode of the F1 Nation podcast. Hamilton expressed satisfaction with the car’s braking performance and his overall confidence. However, Shovlin expressed some disappointment with the team’s qualifying performance, believing that they could have achieved better results in Q3 if everything had gone according to plan.

Managing Expectations for the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona

Shovlin emphasized the need to manage expectations as the team heads to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. He acknowledged that all teams are introducing upgrades during this busy period of the season. While Mercedes has made significant efforts and rapid progress with their upgrades, Shovlin admitted that they are aware it may not be enough to secure the desired performance, and further work is required.

In summary, Shovlin acknowledged that Mercedes’ recent upgrade package might not be sufficient to achieve their desired level of performance. While the team remains confident in the direction they have taken, they recognize the need for additional work. The upcoming Spanish Grand Prix will provide a better assessment of the progress made by the team.

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