Megan Rapinoe says USWNT is feeling early World Cup pressure

The USWNT felt the pressure early in the 2023 World Cup as Megan Rapinoe said, especially after a draw with the Netherlands. They now face a crucial match against Portugal to advance, and Megan Rapinoe acknowledged feeling anxious. However, pressure is something they are used to as part of the program’s success and outspokenness. Discover Megan Rapinoe says USWNT is feeling early World Cup pressure, but ‘hell yeah’ they’re used to it.

In 2019, they felt the need to win due to their equal-pay lawsuit and bold comments. They embraced the pressure, which ultimately led them to victory. Now, their approach is different, but the expectation to win remains constant.

With two lackluster performances in the tournament, they know they must perform better against Portugal. They have created an environment that turns anxiety into positive energy, thanks to their focus on training, preparation, and habits.

While the pressure might have come earlier than expected, the team is determined to rise to the challenge. They have faced such situations before and have never finished worse than third in previous World Cups.

Even in moments of doubt, players like Rapinoe have stepped up and delivered when needed. As for the outcome of the 2023 team, Rapinoe hasn’t dwelled on it, emphasizing their focus on performing their best in every match.

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