Max Verstappen Gets Warned By Sergio Perez | Expects Support To Be Repaid In F1 2023

Max Verstappen has been advised by Sergio Perez to not expect assistance unless it is mutual. Sergio Perez expects support to be repaid in F1 2023.

The team order dispute between Verstappen and Perez at the Brazil race in the middle of 2022 overshadowed Red Bull’s otherwise dominant season.

The team asked Perez to let Verstappen by during the final laps of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. It was on the condition that Verstappen would return the position if he was unable to pass Fernando Alonso for fifth.

After failing to overtake Alonso. The team asked Verstappen to switch places with Perez. So that the Mexican could finish higher in the F1 Drivers‘ standings. Verstappen did not agree.

Max Verstappen

The incident on Perez’s final qualifying run reportedly made Verstappen feel as though Perez had cost him the chance to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

Christian Horner, principal of the Red Bull team. He established that the heated argument was due to a team mistake and that the two have moved over it.

But, Perez has emphasized the need for Red Bull to work together. So that they can counter the threat posed by Ferrari and Mercedes ahead of the new season. It kicks off this weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen

Sergio Perez said, “It’s always important to work as a team and obviously if I see that I don’t receive support when I need it. I won’t give it either,”

“That’s obvious, but I don’t expect any of that. “I think we are very clear about the important thing. It will be a very intense season. Surely with six cars fighting for the championship, so it will be very important to work as a team in many races.”

After finishing second last season, 149 points behind two-time world champion Max Verstappen. Perez hopes to make up ground this year after winning two races.

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