Max Verstappen claims RB19 is not the best F1 car

Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver, has emphasized that his team’s RB19 car isn’t the ultimate F1 vehicle, pointing out the existence of more dominant cars in the sport’s history. Despite challenging weather conditions at his home race in Zandvoort, Verstappen achieved his ninth consecutive victory, matching Sebastian Vettel’s F1 record.

Out of the 13 races this season, Verstappen has triumphed in 11, with his teammate Sergio Perez securing the only other victory in 2023. The Red Bull RB19, designed by F1 legend Adrian Newey, is poised to be remembered as one of the most competitive cars, particularly if its unbeaten streak on race days continues.

Despite Red Bull’s impressive performance, Verstappen isn’t convinced that the RB19 is the most dominant F1 car ever. He believes history has seen more dominant cars that couldn’t achieve the same consecutive victories that his team has.

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Verstappen acknowledged the complexities of racing, particularly in adverse conditions, where making errors is easy and the situation isn’t straightforward.

Equalling Vettel’s consecutive win record wasn’t something Verstappen considered achievable. Despite the challenges, he expressed contentment with his accomplishments and the satisfaction of winning in front of his home crowd.

With this latest win, Verstappen has extended his lead over Perez by 138 points in the championship standings, solidifying his pursuit of a third consecutive world championship title.

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