Logan Paul’s request to change rules of boxing fight ignored by Dillon Danis

Logan Paul claims that his request to extend their upcoming boxing match from six to eight rounds was disregarded by his opponent, Dillon Danis. The two are scheduled to face off in Manchester on Saturday, October 14th, as part of a card headlined by KSI and Tommy Fury. Discover Logan Paul’s request to change rules of boxing fight ignored by Dillon Danis.

With an anticipated sold-out crowd, Dillon Danis is transitioning from the cage to the boxing fight and has been trying to stoke the rivalry, targeting Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, on multiple occasions.

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Originally planned as a six-round bout, Danis suggested that Paul rejected the opportunity to extend it to eight or even 12 rounds. Danis expressed his desire for a 12-round fight on Twitter and questioned why Paul had insisted on only six rounds. He asserted his endurance and readiness to fight all day.

However, Paul contradicted these claims, asserting that he had actually requested eight rounds. In a video shared by DAZN Boxing, Paul disputed Danis’s statements, mentioning that he reached out to Danis’s manager to propose the change, but they did not respond.

Paul also shared a screenshot of a group text exchange with promoter Mads Taylor and his own manager, Jeff Levin, where he requested the fight to be extended to eight rounds. Despite several days passing with no reply, Paul’s request went unanswered, leading him to conclude that Danis had ignored their proposal for an eight-round match.

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