Liverpool FC’s demolition of Manchester United may prompt FIFA’s “mercy rule”

Pierluigi Collina, the head of FIFA’s referee’s committee. He has raised the idea of implementing a new law in football after Liverpool FC’s 7-0 victory over Manchester United. During the game, referee Andy Madley only added four minutes of injury time. Despite six goals being scored in the second half and 10 substitutions made.

Collina addressed the issue at the International Football Association Board (IFAB) AGM. He suggested that the decision to cut stoppage time was a display of mercy towards the losing team.

He also mentioned that in the Premier League’s ten matches played that weekend. Four matches exceeded 100 minutes, with two of them having scored 7-0 and 4-0. Collina believed that the referees did not accurately give the additional time that should have been played in those matches.


FIFA’s Possibility of Mercy Rule Implementation

Collina proposed the concept of adding a “mercy rule” to the laws of the game, which would eliminate the need for additional time at the end of a match if one team has a difference of X goals over the other. However, he acknowledged that this may not be straightforward, as goal difference plays a crucial role in many competitions.

The head of FIFA’s referee’s committee also mentioned an instance during Spain vs Costa Rica match at the World Cup, where Spain was leading 6-0, and eight minutes of additional time were given. Spain scored another goal during this time, making it 7-0, which could have affected both teams’ chances of qualifying for the next round. Collina emphasized that common sense needs to be exercised, but it should not negatively impact any team.

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