Lionel Messi speaks on Ballon d’Or in first presser since arriving at Inter Miami

Lionel Messi, aged 36, has propelled Inter Miami to their debut franchise final, set to face Nashville SC in the Leagues Cup on Saturday. In his first press conference with the club, which drew a massive crowd and had to turn people away due to limited seating, Lionel Messi covered a range of topics, including his perspective on the Ballon d’Or. Discover Lionel Messi speaks on Ballon d’Or in first presser since arriving at Inter Miami.

Messi emphasized, “The Ballon d’Or holds importance for its symbolic value, but individual awards have never been my focus. My priorities shifted after the Qatar World Cup; I’m content with achieving objectives, both personal and for the team.”

He shed light on his decision to join Inter Miami, explaining, “Miami was a deliberate choice where we wanted to be. The transition was unlike my swift move to Paris, and it’s been a positive change.”

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Addressing his impressive start with the club, Messi noted, “Arriving with enthusiasm, we’ve diligently prepared for this journey. Under ‘Tata’s’ leadership, we’ve progressed significantly and secured a spot in the ConcaChampions.”

Messi also shared insights into his family-oriented decision to select Miami, stating, “I prioritized my family’s well-being and the positive atmosphere in the United States. The experience has been exceptional, and I’m fully enjoying this phase.”

He touched on his adaptation to the new environment, mentioning, “Despite challenges due to heat and humidity, I’ve adapted well physically. Synthetic fields haven’t posed issues.”

In terms of settling in, Messi said, “While we’re yet to establish a permanent residence, the city is amazing. Adapting to daily life has been smoother than expected, and our children will start school soon.”

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