Lewis Hamilton rocks up to Silverstone with ADORABLE date who F1 fans love

Lewis Hamilton’s love life is often subject to speculation and rumours. But there’s one love in his life that is never in doubt: his affection for his beloved dog, Roscoe. The F1 champion’s bond with his pet bulldog is evident, and fans are equally enamoured with Roscoe. Discover Lewis Hamilton rocks up to Silverstone with ADORABLE date who F1 fans love.

Lewis Hamilton recently shared some adorable pictures of Roscoe, as he arrived at Silverstone for a race in front of his home crowd. He was accompanied by his loyal companion. Additionally, Roscoe has even gained fame in his own right. Boasting an Instagram account with over 750,000 followers. This is where fans can keep up with the bulldog’s adventures alongside the F1 superstar.

Furthermore, the internet is filled with Roscoe fans, evident from the warm response to the recent post. Fans and followers expressed their adoration for the inseparable duo, highlighting the special bond between Lewis and Roscoe. Moreover, from being described as the most iconic pair in F1 to appreciating Roscoe’s relaxed demeanour amidst the attention, users showered the post with well-wishes and affectionate comments.

As avid Roscoe enthusiasts ourselves, we eagerly look forward to the possibility of seeing more of the lovable bulldog throughout the weekend.

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