Lewis Hamilton Responds to F1 Criticism: “It’s Not My Job”

Red Bull Racing’s domination in the world of Formula One has been a topic of discussion among fans and experts alike. Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion. He has shared his concerns about the impact it may have on the sport’s competitiveness and fan appeal.

At the Miami Grand Prix, Red Bull secured its fourth 1-2 finish of the current season. Which sparked mixed reactions among fans who expressed frustration at the apparent lack of competition. Lewis Hamilton acknowledged the difficulty in bridging the gap between teams to foster closer competition. He said that “It’s not my job to convince people to watch the sport.”

Despite numerous efforts by Formula One to level the playing field, the outcome doesn’t seem to have changed significantly. Hamilton said, “As a fan watching. I can understand because it’s not as competitive as maybe the NFL or the NBA at the moment.”

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Hamilton responds F1 criticism

Hamilton, who oversaw one of Mercedes’s most successful eras, is of the opinion that Formula One could continue to struggle in terms of both its level of excitement and its level of competitiveness if the regulations do not properly close the performance gap that exists between the various teams. Because they are the only team to have secured a victory thus far in the season. Red Bull has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the superior team.

Hamilton conceded that there isn’t an apparent solution to this predicament. “All I can say is that we’re working as hard as we can to close up and get back and give them more of a fight,” he said. Nevertheless, he cautioned that the sport may have to adapt to these regulations or risk stagnating in its current state for years to come. While some fans consider the Miami Grand Prix the best race of 2023. Others compared it unfavourably with the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

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