KSI vs Tommy Fury? KSI Willing To Fight Fury After Fournier Fight

In the world of sports, boxing rivalries have always been a popular spectacle for fans worldwide. Recently, the rise of influencers in the sport has led to some of the most talked-about rivalries in boxing history. Continue reading to learn more about KSI vs Tommy Fury.

One of the most significant rivalries between content creators in the sport is between KSI and Jake Paul. Their feud started back in 2018 when KSI fought Jake’s brother, Logan. Since then, the two have had beef and have been trying to settle the score in the ring.

Although KSI is rumoured to fight Tommy Fury later this year, the fight is not set in stone yet. First, he must face Joe Fournier on May 13th at the Wembley Arena, which airs on DAZN PPV. Fournier is a seasoned boxer with nine knockout victories to his name, making this an exciting matchup for fans.

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KSI vs Tommy Fury

If KSI beats Fournier, the question on everyone’s mind is, who will he fight next? Will it be Jake Paul? Who he has had a longstanding feud with, or will he go after the man who beat Paul, Tommy Fury?

Fury defeated Paul in a split decision win earlier this year. Giving KSI the opportunity to challenge him and ruin Paul’s legacy. KSI has made it clear that he wants KSI vs Tommy Fury and he has been vocal about it on social media, saying, “I want Tommy Fury, simple as that.”

KSI believes that Paul is not worth his time and has instead set his sights on Fury. He believes that he can do what Paul could not and beat Fury in the ring. Reports suggest that KSI vs. Fury is “close” to becoming a done deal, and KSI may call out Fury if he defeats Fournier.

Furthermore, Fans are eagerly waiting to see who KSI will face next and how these rivalries will play out in the ring. With so much drama and anticipation, the world of boxing is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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