KSI Reveals Who He Thinks is the Best Trash Talker in Crossover Boxing

Popular YouTuber KSI is set to take on his toughest opponent to date. Former WBA-ranked fighter Joe Fournier this weekend in the world of Crossover Boxing. Ahead of the fight, KSI has discussed various aspects of the sport, including trash-talking. Where KSI reveals that he doesn’t believe he’s the best trash talker in the world of Crossover Boxing.

KSI vs Joe Fournier -13th May 2023 – Live Streaming in Europe | Live Streaming in Asia |

Despite his own sharp tongue in verbal exchanges with numerous rivals. KSI reveals Anthony Taylor as the best trash-talker in the game. Saying “He knows how to trash talk really well. Very entertaining.”

Additionally, crossover Boxing has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Social media influencers and celebrities enter the ring to compete against each other. Moreover, the sport has brought together a diverse range of competitors from different backgrounds, including boxers, MMA fighters, and YouTubers.

KSI reveals

Furthermore, KSI himself has become a major player in the world of Crossover Boxing, with a record of three wins and no losses. His fights have garnered huge interest from fans, with his rematch against fellow YouTuber Logan Paul in 2019 reportedly receiving over 1.3 million pay-per-view buys.

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Moreover, KSI’s upcoming fight against Joe Fournier is expected to be another high-profile event in the world of Crossover Boxing. Fans will be eagerly anticipating the outcome, as KSI looks to prove himself against a more experienced opponent.

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