KSI Criticizes Jake’s Boxing Career Ahead of Fight Against Fournier

KSI, a British YouTuber turned professional boxer, is certain that his forthcoming fight against Joe Fournier will put him on the right track to overcoming his competitor Jake Paul in the sport of boxing. KSI’s fight is scheduled to take place on December 1. KSI expressed his desire to strengthen his status in the sport by claiming victory over both Fournier and Tommy Fury in a recent interview. KSI indicated that he expects to achieve this goal. Moreover, KSI Criticizes Jake’s Boxing career in the same interview.

KSI admitted that he will be fighting a ranked boxer in conventional boxing for the first time during his bout with Fournier on May 13th. Fournier is a former belt holder in the sport. However, he also admitted that Fury would be a more difficult opponent if they were in the ring together.

“I think Tommy Fury is a tougher opponent. That’s why once I destroy Joe Fournier. I want to get through to Tommy Fury, destroy him. And then sh*t on Jake Paul’s whole boxing career,” KSI said.

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KSI Criticizes Jake's Boxing

KSI also spoke about his preparations for his upcoming fight with Fournier, stating that he has been working on his speed, power, and strength, while also preparing for future opponents in the sport. He also took a shot at Jake Paul’s recent fights against MMA fighters. Stating that Paul doesn’t want to fight real boxers.

“He doesn’t want it. He ran away from all the boxers and decided to find MMA fighters and now wants to fight Nate Diaz,” KSI added.

On May 13th, the battle between KSI and Joe Fournier will be broadcast live on pay-per-view by DAZN. The event will take place at the OVO Wembley in London.

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