The alleged leak of the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight’s outcome as a ‘script’ has been deemed false or fabricated.

A fraudulent fight script has surfaced on social media, portraying Jake Paul’s supposed knockout victory over Tommy Fury in the eighth round of their long-awaited match scheduled for tonight in Saudi Arabia. Despite the bookmakers finding it difficult to predict the outcome, the rivalry between Fury and Paul, which has been ongoing for two years, will finally be settled in the ring.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight ,Although Paul has no professional boxing experience, he is considered a narrow favorite. However, former UFC fighter and Fury’s backup opponent, Mike Perry, has shared the dubious script suggesting that the fight’s result has already been predetermined.

The ‘Troop Boxing’ compiled a document that outlines the events in the eight planned rounds. The initial round is expected to be careful, with Fury dominating in the second round. However, the fight then changes direction once more.

In round five, Fury’s eye is almost fully shut, and Paul appears to be on track to win the match, causing concern in Fury’s corner by the seventh round. In the final round, Paul finishes strong by knocking down Fury, leading the referee to stop the fight.

The document also predicts that Paul will challenge his fierce opponent KSI and agree to a rematch with Fury, but only if it takes place in Los Angeles. However, this is unlikely to happen due to Fury’s travel restrictions, which caused him to miss a match against Paul in August of last year.

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