Jake Paul gives Nate Diaz ‘edge’ with major rule change in his fight

Jake Paul displays a great deal of confidence in his prospects against Nate Diaz. Despite the upcoming event being relatively close, there will be a modification in the rules for the Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz fight. The showdown is scheduled to take place in Texas on August 5, and it has been officially confirmed that it will consist of ten rounds.

The former YouTuber turned boxer will face off against the UFC lightweight title challenger in Dallas. Diaz specifically requested for the fight to be extended to ten rounds, as initially it was planned for eight rounds. Fans of Diaz voiced their opposition to the original plan.

Paul took to Twitter to announce that the fight will indeed be a ten-round bout. However, he acknowledged that this decision grants Diaz a notable advantage if the fight extends into the later rounds.
“10 rounds. If the fight goes to the later rounds, it’s obviously a big advantage for Nate. I know that, he knows that (that’s why he made the request), the oddsmakers know that. But I don’t give a fuck. I’m all in,” Paul tweeted.

Why does Nate Diaz prefer a ten-round fight?

In previous fights where Paul took boxing seriously, it has been observed that he often struggles as the rounds progress, indicating potential stamina issues. Despite this knowledge, Paul has chosen to rely on his own ability to defeat Diaz early in the fight, hence agreeing to a ten-round bout. Mind games are certainly at play, considering he may be aware of his improved stamina.

“I’m ready, it’s not going to go that long. I think he’s gonna be sharp for a couple of rounds but there’s nothing he can do to stop me,” Paul stated in anticipation of the fight.

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