Jake Paul claims brother Logan Paul picked Dillon Danis as a ‘puppet opponent’

Jake Paul has claimed that his brother, Logan, intentionally chose Dillon Danis as his opponent to gain attention. There’s a significant rivalry between Danis and Logan, fueled by Danis’s explicit remarks about Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal. Discover Jake Paul claims brother Logan Paul picked Dillon Danis as a ‘puppet opponent’.

Danis had previously posted a video making inappropriate comments about Agdal’s desires, which he shared on social media. This provoked further tension when Danis shared a picture of Agdal with Diego Forlan. As a result, their animosity has escalated, leading to their upcoming grudge match on the undercard of the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight on October 14.

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Jake Paul has criticized his brother’s choice of opponent, suggesting that Logan deliberately courted controversy to promote the fight and boost his own popularity. Jake pointed out that Danis has no stake in the money generated from the bout, implying that he’s merely a tool for Logan’s publicity.

Despite Danis’s offensive comments about Agdal, Jake insists that it has only strengthened their relationship. He expressed his deep affection for Agdal and emphasized that nothing could come between them, not even an internet troll like Danis. Jake also hinted at having damaging information about Danis but questioned whether he should reveal it.

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