Ja Morant Seen Displaying Gun At Nightclub

The Grizzlies’ regular season series finale against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday will be the second straight game in which the team will be without All-Star guard Ja Morant. The most infuriating thing is that Morant isn’t out due to injury but rather because he spends too much time playing online games.

Following a tough loss to the Denver Nuggets, the team that is only ahead of the Memphis Grizzlies in the rankings for the Western Conference. Ja Morant live-streamed himself from a strip club in Colorado early on Saturday morning. Startling social media fans all over the world.

On his Instagram account, Morant may be seen dancing shirtless and brandishing a gun while listening to the music “Bring ‘Em Out” by the NBA YoungBoys. The tune is a rap song. The authenticity of the firearm has not been established as yet, and the authorities are currently investigating the occurrence. The Grizzlies, on the other hand, were having none of it.

At once, it was reported that Morant will miss the next few of games. Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins revealed after Sunday’s loss to the lowly Los Angeles Clippers that they do not have a schedule for Morant’s return. Even if Jenkins knew what Morant should do to make amends, he wouldn’t tell him. After Morant’s representative, Jim Tanner, released a statement in which Morant claimed “full responsibility,” the decision was made.

Ja Morant, A Gangster?

Morant has had several disturbing situations in recent days. The Washington Post said that the 23-year-old ganged up on a Memphis mall’s security chief and a 17-year-old teenager playing pickup basketball at Morant’s house over four days last summer. Morant is also accused of threatening the youngster with a gun. (The youngster and his mother sued Morant.) Morant claimed self-defense to police. Morant appeared to be in mortal danger from the boy hurling a basketball at his head.

Ja Morant

Still, Morant’s strict supervision was a surprise. Morant defied the NBA’s boy-from-the-hood stereotype more than anyone. He’s a two-parent country kid from South Carolina’s midlands who graduated from an arts-focused high school. As his partner, Jamie, became pregnant with Ja in the late 1990s, Tee. A high school teammate of NBA three-point specialist Ray Allen, gave up playing basketball overseas.

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