Ja Morant: Reps insist Morant flashed toy gun as suspension nears

There are new developments in the Ja Morant situation. Following a video that surfaced last month showing Morant with a gun in a friend’s car, his representatives are now challenging the assumption that the weapon was real. The Breakfast Club radio program revealed information from Morant’s camp, claiming that the gun shown in the Instagram video was actually a fake. Discover Ja Morant: Reps insist Grizzlies star flashed ‘toy gun’ as suspension nears.

The video, originally posted on Davonte Pack’s account, shows Morant briefly holding the gun before the camera quickly shifts focus. This has led many to believe that the gun was real. However, Morant’s representatives are disputing this interpretation.

According to the Breakfast Club host Claudia Jordan, the NBA is expected to announce a 30-game suspension for Morant, which would account for more than one-third of the upcoming 2023/24 season. This penalty is similar to the 30-game suspension given to former Charlotte Hornets player Miles Bridges following his arrest on felony domestic violence charges in June 2022.

Ja Morant’s representatives are now claiming that the gun in the Instagram video was fake, challenging the assumption that it was a real firearm. Meanwhile, rumours suggest that the NBA may impose a 30-game suspension on Ja Morant, mirroring the punishment previously given to Miles Bridges in a similar case of felony domestic violence charges.

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