Iga Swiatek announces mini-break ahead of the US Open

It would’ve been surprising if Iga Swiatek had decided to play at the Tennis in the Land event just before the US Open. But she’s made it clear that she’s taking that week off to recharge. This break comes after her impressive back-to-back performances, reaching the semi-finals in two consecutive WTA 1000 events. Discover Iga Swiatek announces mini-break ahead of the US Open.

Swiatek seems happy about getting some rest, especially because she knows she’ll need to defend her title at the upcoming US Open. She joked, “I’m pretty much running on empty right now. Honestly, I’m not feeling bad about it. I’m actually excited to finally have a few days off.”

Talking about her recent loss to Coco Gauff in the Cincinnati semis, Swiatek felt she played well, but Gauff’s strong game made the difference. Swiatek noticed Gauff’s faster first serves and her willingness to take risks and play aggressively.

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Focused on the Present: Swiatek’s Approach to US Open Title Defense

Swiatek confessed that she wasn’t really thinking about defending her US Open title while she was playing in Montreal and Cincinnati. She believed that putting extra pressure on herself about the title defense wouldn’t have been a smart move while trying to win those big tournaments. She recognized the challenges of being the defending champion and stressed the importance of taking things step by step and not overwhelming herself.

The draw for the US Open is happening next week, and Swiatek, being the top seed, will soon find out who she’ll face in the first round. Even though Aryna Sabalenka missed a chance to become world No. 1 in Cincinnati, Swiatek will hold onto the top spot for another week, matching Martina Hingis’ record for the 11th longest continuous reign at the world No. 1 in the history of the WTA Rankings.

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