Gareth Southgate defends Man United defender Harry Maguire

Gareth Southgate, England’s coach, defended Manchester United’s Harry Maguire after his own goal over Scotland on Tuesday evening. Discover Gareth Southgate strongly defends Man United defender Harry Maguire on statement ‘It’s a joke’.

Maguire started the game on the bench but was hauled in at halftime to replace Marc Guehi. Throughout his time on the pitch, Scottish supporters in Hampden Park mocked his every move, even cynically clapping when he completed a pass successfully.

Unfortunately, in the 67th minute, Maguire mistakenly diverted a Scotland cross into his own goal. Despite this loss, England prevailed 3-1, with Harry Kane scoring immediately after the own goal.

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Harry Maguire’s Importance in England’s Success

Southgate was asked about Maguire at his post-match press conference, and he vehemently backed the central defender. Despite his uneven consistency at club level and little playing time, Southgate has regularly selected Maguire in recent fixtures.

Southgate commented,

“I understand the perspective of the Scotland fans, and I have no objections to their actions. It’s a result of the unjust treatment he’s endured for an extended period. Our own fans anticipated some criticism, but we won’t tolerate others targeting him.”

“It’s absurd. I’ve never seen a player subjected to such treatment, not only from Scottish fans but also from commentators and pundits. They have created an unprecedented situation.”

Man United defender Harry Maguire

Southgate added, praising Maguire’s willingness to face the press.

“In true fashion, he spoke with the media afterward, as he always does. He has been a steadfast presence for our team, an integral part of the most successful England squad in decades. I’ve emphasized the importance of our senior players, and he plays a vital role in that. “

“Every time he steps onto the field, his resilience and determination are truly remarkable. He’s an exceptional player, and we are fully behind him. I have strong convictions about this. He performed admirably and contributed significantly to our victory.” 

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