Ferrari Driver Charles Leclerc Denies Rumours Of Exit

Ferrari’s 2021 season got off to a rough start. The departures of several key personnel from the team in the past few months have only added to the pressure on the team to turn things around. However, team boss Frederic Vasseur has reassured Ferrari Driver Charles Leclerc that the team’s recovery is still on track. He remains confident about the future.

The departure of racing director Laurent Mekies, who is rumoured to be heading to Mercedes. It is just the latest in a series of significant departures from Ferrari in recent months. Former principal Mattia Binotto left at the end of last season, and chassis head David Sanchez will defect to McLaren for 2024 after a period of leave. Additionally, several other personnel of lesser profiles have reportedly left the team since the end of last year’s campaign.

Despite these departures, Leclerc says he is not concerned after his discussions with team boss Vasseur. The driver said. “The team is more than one person. I’m very confident for the future with Fred having what he has in mind. I’m really confident.” Leclerc added that he understood Mekies’s decision to leave for a team principal role.

Ferrari Driver Charles Leclerc And Ferrari Team Boss Address Future Plans

Vasseur played down the significance of Mekies’s and Sanchez’s departures, saying that the team is recruiting massively and that the power of the team is always more important than the individuals. “To lose two people in 1,600 is not a drama,” he said. “It is absolutely not against Laurent, but you are speaking about two people in a group of more than 1,000 people. For sure these individuals are important, but it is nothing compared to the group. We are recruiting massively, and we will do it step by step because you can’t put an organization in place in two weeks.”

Ferrari Driver Charles Leclerc

Leclerc denied rumours that he is looking for an exit route from Ferrari and has opened talks with Mercedes about a potential switch. He insisted that he is fully committed to Ferrari and wants to see the team’s fortunes turned around. Vasseur said he wanted to prioritize Leclerc as Ferrari’s lead driver for a future championship challenge. “He’s clearly part of the project,” Vasseur said. “He is involved with the development of the team, and he’s part of the development because he’s developing himself. He’s a performance contributor on track and out of the track.”

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