Ferrari boss ‘doesn’t care’ about Lewis Hamilton deal despite Ferrari links

Rumors are buzzing about Lewis Hamilton possibly making a deal with Ferrari as his time with Mercedes comes to an end. Even though Ferrari’s big shot Fred Vasseur and Hamilton share a personal connection, Vasseur seems pretty chill about the whole contract back-and-forth involving Hamilton, Mercedes, and Toto Wolff. Ferrari’s attempts to woo Hamilton haven’t really moved the needle, as he’s keeping his eyes on his ongoing commitments. Discover Ferrari boss ‘doesn’t care’ about Lewis Hamilton deal despite Ferrari links.

Vasseur has turned his attention to the drivers currently in his squad – Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. He’s gunning to keep them on board, especially since other options like Robert Shwartzman aren’t quite ripe for Formula 1, and Oliver Bearman needs a few more years to be ripe.

Vasseur gave a kind of “been there, seen that” response when asked about Hamilton’s Mercedes future. He’s not losing sleep over it and is all about getting his team up and running. The contract chitchat is strictly between Hamilton and Toto Wolff, and Vasseur’s not losing sleep over it.

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Hamilton’s Mercedes gig wraps up after the 2023 season, and there’s radio silence on whether a fresh deal is in the works. Earlier, Wolff brushed off any hiccups, saying it’s all just tiny deets. But with the clock ticking and no contract news, fans are doing the math on a possible Hamilton-Ferrari match.

Vasseur totally owns up to his tight bond with Hamilton, mentioning their history that goes back a couple of decades. They’re in touch, sure, but Vasseur’s not about to get into a comparison showdown between Hamilton and Ferrari’s current drivers. He wants us to know that top-tier drivers bring more than just pedal-pushing skills to the table.

So, while the whole Hamilton-Ferrari buzz is on fire, Vasseur’s all about Ferrari’s in-house game and the current driver duo.

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