F1 chief Stefano Domenicali gives MANIPULATION verdict

F1 Chief Stefano Domenicali has addressed concerns about Red Bull’s dominance in the sport, emphasizing that the rules will not be manipulated mid-season to hinder their success. Domenicali believes that Red Bull’s current supremacy is part of a natural cycle and interfering with it would not be fair or appropriate. He suggests that maintaining the existing rules will enable other teams to catch up to Red Bull in the long run. Discover F1 chief Stefano Domenicali gives MANIPULATION verdict.

Domenicali acknowledged that there have always been cycles of dominance in Formula 1, where certain teams excel for a period before others rise to challenge them. His strategic approach aims to ensure that these cycles become shorter in the future. He believes that the competition within the sport is evident in the close battle between the teams trailing Red Bull. Despite the apparent gap, Domenicali urges caution, as circumstances can change rapidly.

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F1 chief Stefano Domenicali

The F1 boss commends Red Bull for their incredible performance and acknowledges that the gaps between teams are primarily between Red Bull and the others. He emphasizes the need to reward Red Bull’s accomplishments while striving to minimize the gaps between teams.

Domenicali expects other teams to closely observe Red Bull’s development within the context of the budget cap and assess if their progress slows down over time. He anticipates an intriguing few months ahead in terms of team development and competition.

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