Djokovic On Federer And Nadal: We have never been friends

In a recent interview with Corriere Della Sera, Novak Djokovic, the 22-time Grand Slam champion. He shared his thoughts on his relationship with fellow tennis icons Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Djokovic, who, along with Federer and Nadal. They formed the renowned tennis “big three” for an extended period. He shed light on their dynamic as rivals and the deep respect he holds for his competitors.

While acknowledging the undeniable greatness of Federer, Djokovic revealed that they were never close friends due to their intense rivalry on the court. However, he emphasized his profound respect for the Swiss maestro, recognizing his remarkable impact on the sport. Djokovic expressed his admiration for Federer’s achievements. He acknowledged his status as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Regarding his relationship with Nadal, Djokovic shared that they initially had a cordial bond as they are both Gemini zodiac signs and even went out to dinner together on two occasions. However, Djokovic noted that friendship was ultimately impossible between rivals. Nevertheless, he expressed immense respect for Nadal and credited both Federer and Nadal for contributing to his own growth as a player. Djokovic acknowledged their influence on his career and expressed gratitude for their role in shaping his journey. He also highlighted the enduring bond that will forever unite them as icons of the sport.

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The rivalry between Djokovic and Federer has been one for the ages, with the two champions facing each other a record-breaking 50 times. Djokovic currently leads the head-to-head record at 27-23, including 13-6 in finals. Notably, their encounters have been particularly intense in Grand Slam tournaments, with 17 meetings, including five championship matches and a record 11 semi-finals.

Remarkably, Djokovic stands as the sole player to have defeated Federer at least once in all four Grand Slam events. Meanwhile, Federer holds the distinction of being the only man to have beaten Djokovic at each Major. Their rivalry has captivated fans around the world and contributed significantly to the rich history of the sport.


Currently competing in the Rome Masters, Djokovic continues to demonstrate his remarkable form. After defeating Cameron Norrie with a 6-3, 6-4 victory. He secured a place in the quarter-finals of the ongoing Italian Open. This marks Djokovic’s 17th consecutive quarter-final appearance in Rome, further underscoring his consistency and dominance on the ATP Tour.

With 22 Grand Slam titles apiece, Djokovic and Nadal find themselves tied at the pinnacle of tennis history. As they continue to pursue further milestones and achievements. Their rivalry, professionalism, and mutual respect serve as a testament to their indelible impact on the sport.

As Djokovic’s journey unfolds, tennis enthusiasts eagerly await future encounters between these legendary players, as they strive to etch their names further into the annals of tennis history.

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