Dembele PSG transfer: 5-year deal, informs teammates about his decision

In a dramatic turn of events at the Barcelona offices. Ousmane Dembele and his future has finally been decided, and he will transfer to PSG. The talented 26-year-old midfielder has reached an agreement with the French club, signing a 5-year contract until 2028. Reliable sources, such as Fabrizio Romano and Gerard Romero, confirm that Dembele’s agent, Mousa Sissoko, has informed La Liga about PSG’s intention to activate the player’s €50m release clause, which would result in Dembele receiving €25m. Discover Dembele PSG transfer: 5-year deal, informs teammates about his decision.

Financially, it’s a sensible move for Dembele, as staying beyond the specified date would trigger a new release clause of €100m, fully controlled by Barcelona if activated. Additionally, Dembele had requested a €6m raise in his contract, which Barcelona declined. This rejection likely played a part in his decision to leave.

As the news spreads, Dembele has personally informed some of his teammates about the switch, leaving the dressing room feeling “very sad” about his departure. He was a crucial player for Barcelona, particularly due to Xavi’s efforts in his development.

With Dembele’s exit, Barcelona is gearing up for a battle against PSG. They plan to raise concerns with UEFA regarding PSG’s compliance with Financial Fair Play regulations and the source of the French club’s economic power.

FC Barcelona’s Opportunity for New Signings

On a positive note for Barcelona, they can now focus on signing new players after being restricted by their wage bill and La Liga’s regulations. A right-back, with João Cancelo as plan A and Iván Fresneda as a backup option, is a priority for the club. However, the exact signings are uncertain as more departures may follow Dembele’s exit.

Dembele PSG transfer

Regarding Dembele’s backup, Ez Abde, the situation is uncertain. Though he had a verbal agreement with Real Betis, Barcelona might consider retaining him if they receive a transfer offer of at least €30m. The club’s financial situation is still delicate, and funds from potential sales could facilitate new transfers. Ultimately, Abde’s decision to stay will depend on the club’s confidence in him and his prospects for regular playing time, considering the competition he faces from players like Ferran Torres, Ansu Fati, Gavi, and Raphinha.

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